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This is a sidebar widget for WordPress, which adds a tag cloud in sidebar.
It must be used together with the so popular plugin sidebar widget and the wonderful tag plugin Ultimate Tag Warrior.

I am using it on my blog, which is built on WordPress 2.1.3 and UTW 3.14159265.


  1. Download here — Tag Cloud Widget for UTW
  2. Upload the “tagcloud.php” to the path “/wp-content/plugins/widgets/”
  3. Active this widget in Plugins control panel
  4. In the presentation->sidebar control panel, drag the tag cloud widget to your sidebar


  • The style of tag cloud is designed by UTW, the reference page is here
  • Thanks for the widget “google search widget“. I don’t know php at all…just made this plugin based on it.

Change Log

See page on WordPress.org


  1. to brrom9: I use the last version of WP but my theme doesn’t support widgets. And actually I don’t want to use dynamic sidebar because I have different elements on my sidebar arranged different ways (2 columns mixed with 1 column, etc.). Anyway, thank you for the assistance.
    I have just edited the plugin the way I want it to work and I call the function of the plugin directly from the place I wish it to appear in. :)

  2. To Rodion: if you are using WordPress version 2.2 or below, install the plugin “sidebar widget”; I’m not sure what to do on WP 2.3 or higher

  3. I can’t use it with my theme, which doesn’t have widgets in it (only static sidebar.php). How can I make the cloud to appear in some place of my sidebar?

  4. wp2.3 includes an importer to import tags from UTW, but the native tag cloud template isn’t as nice as this one..

  5. I was so pleased with my tag cloud (Tag cloud for UTW), but I was stupid enough to upgrade wordpress to 2.3, and after that it didn’t work.

    Is there any chance to get it back with my wp2.3 ?

  6. Hi, Sam,

    Are you asking how to find the number limit option? First make sure your WordPress supports sidebar widgets. Go to the admin page, Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets, drag the “Tag Cloud” widget into your sidebar, and click the config button on the “Tag Cloud” widget, you’ll see the option of number limit.

    I’m sorry I don’t have another demo blog to show you the actual effect of this limit. On this blog I’ve limited the number of displayed tags to 20.

  7. i’ve searched high and low for this widget and finally found it! thanks!

    i know you can limit the amount of tags listed by editing tagcloud.php number limit option. but i’m not quite sure how to do that. can you post an example of what the edited version would look like?

    thanks, so much

  8. To Moises: It’s possible but I’m afraid you need to modify the theme file by yourself, call some functions from UTW. If you just want to display tag names of a single post below the post body, like what’s working here, you can config that in UTW option page.

  9. Errr. I meant:

    Is it possible to display the CLOUD within the primary content as well as within the widget panel?

  10. Perfect Works great. One more quick question.

    Is it possible to display the crowd within the primary content as well as within the widget panel?

    Thanks Again!!

  11. Love the plugin! Am I able to control the amount of results that are displayed?



  12. Hi there,

    Thanks so much for this plugin, it work great on my site.
    十分感激你這個插件, 我對PHP可謂一竅不通,試過不少方法將Tag cloud放在sidebar, 現在只用了五分鐘便大功告成!

  13. 很好的插件~~我一天都在找将Tag Cloud放在Widget上的方法没有找到,最后在你的Blog上就找到了。
    Great Plugin! I spent the whole day looking for a way to put tag cloud on the widget but failed, at last i found this on your blog!

  14. Hi, gilles: Probably you didn’t install or activate the plugin Ultimate Tag Warrior. This widget must work with it.

  15. hi, i’m french, scuse me for my bad english, after instalation your pluging, i look this error :
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: utw_showweightedtagset() in /homepages/46/d164474243/htdocs/blog/wp-content/plugins/tagcloud.php on line 37

    what to make?

  16. To Jay: Change it in UTW’s option page. In the admin page, Option->Tags->Global Formatting Settings, set “Most popular color” and “Least popular color”, then in the widget config set the tag cloud style (on this site, to “coloredtagcloud” )

  17. Great plugin!

    Can I ask, how do I modify the sizing/scale? The one this site looks neat!


  18. Thanks for the plugin. I just installed it and it works perfectly – first I tried just entering the php to call the UTW cloud into a text widget, but that didn’t get me anywhere.

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